Lore (lorexiii) wrote in davideddings,

Okay, so...

I know this community has been dead for about a year, but I need some help and I didn't know who else would get it. Sorry for bumping!

The basic gist: my dad was reading me The Belgariad since the day I was born. The books have a lot of meaning and significance to me.

I'm wanting to get another tattoo and I was thinking that something from the books would be perfect. But...I can't decide on what I should go with. The Orb of Aldur is definitely a major symbol, but it'd basically be a glowing circle.

Anyone have any suggestions?

And again, sorry for the necro post. ^_^;
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It's alive! It's aliiiive!

You could always go with Irongrip's sword, which would have the Orb on the pommel, plus blue flamey sword = cool.

Other ideas off the top of my head (lucky for you I just finished a Belgariad/Mallorean/Belagarath/Polgara marathon reread):

The World Tree
Wolf & Owl
Torak's Mask, if you're feeling darkly about it.

Or a funny one, you could get the stick with only one end as a bicep wrap and people could kill time trying to find the other end. ;)

Orb of Aldur would be weird because you'd have a blue glowing ball and anime freaks everywhere will think you're into DragonBall. Best to make sure it's paired up with something iconic like Irongrip's sword.
I love the idea of the tree, but I'm not sure I'm un-wimpy enough to do it over my back LOL ^_^; And I love Torak's mask. That'd be an awesome idea!

I was trying to think of a cool way to do a wolf and owl together, but I fail as an artist. I'll have to see if mebbe one of my sisters can pull something together.

I LOL'd at the stick with one end! That would be so fucking awesome! I'm going to have to figure that one out.

I'm wanting to plan these out before I see my dad again. I think he'd get a kick out of his daughter getting a tattoo based on the Belgariad. Thanks for the ideas! ♥
ooooo...the owl and wolf..I like that idea :)

good luck and no worries on the post!

we need more discussions here...
Why not do Irongrips throne? Black granite chair with the sword hanging up the back of it? Or just get the cover picture from Magicians Gambit with Garion holding the sword on fire?