chessfiend (chessfiend) wrote in davideddings,

Round 6

Round 6--Championship round

1. Belgarion vs 2. Poledra

I have went into every round with an idea of how each pairing would turn out. For the most part everything went as I thought, however Hettar advancing as far as he did was interesting. Especially considering he defeated Mandorallen, Liselle, and Sadi. That's is quite an achievement.

Now the championship match Belgarion vs Poledra. I have no idea how this will turn out. My money would be on Belgarion only because he won the first version of the tournament we had some months ago. But Poledra is certainly his equal in many regards. It shall be intersting to see who wins.

Also since this is the championship, I would like everyone to explain why they made their choice. (i.e. why you picked whoever you picked to win)
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